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Has The Central Banks Been Transferring Wealth From The Average Person To The Likes Of Bill Gates And Jeff Bezos?


The Central Banks Has Been Transferring Wealth From The Average Person To The Likes Of Bill Gates And Jeff Bezos

According to reports, the money supply increased dramatically in the US in 2020 since the lockdowns closed the economy. RT’s Keiser Report talks to Mike Maloney, a leading expert on monetary history, economics, and precious metals.

We’re approaching an endgame here,” says Maloney, the CEO of, adding: This is unsustainable, the currency creation has exceeded my wildest nightmare. This is far, far beyond what I was expecting.”

He points out that the former chairs of the US Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, Ben Bernanke, and Janet Yellen, caused the greatest wealth transfer in world history from the average person to the richest people on the planet.”

Maloney says: That wealth is diluting the currency supply, transferring purchasing power from the average person to Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. It’s immoral in the first place to steal, and that’s what the Federal Reserve and all other central banks do whenever they create currency. They are counterfeiting something that had no cost or effort into creating it into existence and buying something with it.”

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