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Tragedy: Cough Syrup kills Indonesian Children

  The housewife and maid had little concern when Mohammad Fajar, Siti's son, started experiencing health issues at the end of August this year. The young boy, who was five years old, had just celebrated Indonesia's Independence Day at home in Medan with his family. He used his mother's phone to record videos of himself laughing and dancing. Siti, a pure Indonesian, thought her sole child was well enough to fend off a cold. She offered cough medicine from the neighbourhood drugstore to help him feel better. Fajar passed away on September 15, however. He may have died from suspected renal failure brought on by the widely available medications to help him recover from his cold rather than the illness itself.

Breaking News: Apple Currently Being Sued

  Apple has focused on consumer privacy over the last few years. The iPhone manufacturer has argued about the matter with other Big wits in the Tech industry, most notably Meta, the owner of Facebook. Facebook has lost huge revenue due to Apple's attempts to preserve customer data. However, it turns out that Apple has been gathering user data on its own, despite its users having adjusted their settings to prevent the corporation from doing so. Apple is currently being sued. The software company Mysk's Tommy Mysk and Talal Haj Bakry, who work as app developers and security experts, recently discovered that iOS sends "every tap you make" to Apple from inside one of the business's apps. The developers claim that attempts to prevent collecting this data, such as using the Settings option to "block the sharing of Device Analytics completely," did not affect the data's transmission.

Ukraine Will Receive 1 Billion Euros From Germany.

  From its 2023 budget, the German government has allocated an additional 1 billion euros ($1.03 billion) to support Ukraine. According to a document, funding is set aside to protect Ukraine from Russian hackers and gather proof of war crimes. "The Ukraine budget makes clear that our support goes much beyond the crucial and necessary weapons delivery," said Robin Wagener, a Green lawmaker and chair of the parliamentary Ukraine group. "We heavily put money into promoting peace in Europe and Ukraine." The third-largest military donor to Ukraine is Germany.

Russia: Resuming The START Nuclear Pact Will Be Challenging.

  In negotiations with the US for restarting nuclear arms inspections, Russia says it does not anticipate a speedy breakthrough. Due to the pandemic, the two nations decided in March 2020 to cease their mutual inspections under the New START treaty, the final remaining agreement restricting their strategic nuclear arsenals. They have yet to agree on a deal to restart them, in any case. The deputy foreign minister of Russia, Sergei Ryabkov, downplayed hopes for a breakthrough at the Cairo summit, which he suggested would happen in late November or early December. Russian news outlets quoted him as adding, "This is not a problem that started today or yesterday, and it will scarcely be feasible to address it in a few days."