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The Cars People Regret Buying Most, According to Consumer Reports

Buying a new car is always exciting at first, but it can take a little while before you realize your ride is more lemon than luxury. Consumer Reports surveyed owners of recently-purchased cars to see which models caused the most buyer’s remorse.

AppDynamics posts long-awaited IPO filing

AppDynamics has  revealed its filing for a U.S. IPO.  The IT company, which helps businesses like Salesforce and IBM with applications management, is targeting a $100 million offering. Despite a competitive landscape, which includes New Relic and Dynatrace, AppDynamics has shown strong revenue growth over the past year. For the nine months ending in October, revenue came in $158.4 million, compared to $102.8 million in same period during the year prior, driven by strong growth in subscriptions.

Amazon has a patent for a giant, flying warehouse that also pits out delivery drones

Earlier this month, Amazon celebrated the  first successful drone delivery  made by its  Prime Air  service.  But that's just the beginning of Amazon's aerial assault into our homes, if a recently unearthed  patent filing  is to be believed. A possible endgame for the drone delivery agenda: The use of roving "airborne fulfillment centers" (AFCs) to make Prime deliveries.

Get the Apple TV's Breathtaking Aerial Screensaver On Mac or Windows

The high-flying Aerial screensaver is one of my  favorite things about the 4th generation Apple TV . It looks so cool I often find myself watching it instead of catching up on my Netflix shows. Here’s how to get it on your Mac or PC.

Eight Little Things That Will Save You Money When You’re Shopping

I have a little note that I continuously update and save (using  Evernote ) that’s full of little tips and strategies that I learn about or think about and want to include in a post at some point. Eventually, I wind up with a big collection of them. Here are eight of those ideas, little strategies for shopping so that you’ll spend less money and wind up with fewer things that you don’t really need. 1. The best place to make a decision about whether or not to buy something is before you ever enter the store.  Yes, I’ve written many times about the value of a grocery list, but it goes even further than that.  You should never walk into a store without the intent of buying something and without knowing almost exactly what you’re going to buy.

Do You Have Any Of These 12 Millionaire Habits ?

1. Being an early riser.  You’ve heard the saying that time is money. You’ve also heard the saying that the early bird gets the worm. Mash these adages together, and you can distill both down to the idea that the earlier you wake up, the more money-making time you can maximize. There are countless benefits to waking up early. Me, I like to wake up early so that I can answer emails, consider what will go on during the  day and do reading and research for the day ahead. Basically, I use this time to deal with things that might get in my way throughout the course of the day, so that by the time the market opens, I’m mentally prepared.

Will technology prevent the next food shortage crisis?

If  a simulation by the Center for Naval Analyses  (CNA) has it right, mankind is inching toward a dystopian future where  food   shortage   will  trigger riots and wars. That might be stretching it a bit, but the upcoming  food   shortage   crisis  is serious, and the CNA, a federally funded research and development center, believes  food  production  will  permanently fall short of consumption.

Ask Google Home For Musical Notes to Help You Get In Tune

Google Home brings most of  Google’s awesome voice commands  to your living room, but it also has a couple tricks of its own. For example, you can use it to play musical notes so you can get in tune.

Set Up a Raspberry Pi as a Live Streaming Camera That Broadcasts to YouTube

You want to live stream to YouTube but don’t want to spend much money to do so, MakeUseOf has a guide for setting up a Raspberry Pi as a live streaming device that’ll broadcast automatically.