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30 Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas: For Your New Small Business

You need to keep reading! Because small business marketing doesn't have to be costly. The following small business marketing ideas will help you (re)discover your love for marketing and show you how you can promote yourself to eager new clients who’re dying to find a business like yours! Large companies and giant corporations may be able to funnel hundreds or even thousands of dollars to market their brand to new customers at the drop of a hat, but that doesn’t mean that, as a new small business owner, you need to do the same in order to stay in the game.

How to Write Your Own Python Packages

Overview Python is a wonderful programming language and much more. One of its weakest points is packaging. This is a well-known fact in the community. Installing, importing, using and creating packages has improved over the years, but it's still not on par with newer languages like Go and Rust that could learn a lot from the struggles of Python and other more mature languages.  In this tutorial, you'll learn everything you need to know to build and share your own packages. For general background on Python packages, please read  How to Use Python Packages .

How to Create Car and Van Emojis Using Adobe Photoshop

An emoji is a specific type of pictorial icon. In this tutorial, we will draw a set of car and van emojis in Photoshop using its amazing vector feature. We will start by drawing a standard van and car and then turn them into other cars, such as an ambulance, firetruck, taxi, and police car. I hope you like it.

Verizon is close to buying Yahoo assets: sources

The protracted question of who is buying beleaguered  Yahoo  may finally have an answer. According to three reports published today, and our own sources, Verizon (which owns TechCrunch by way of AOL) is now the most likely company to snap up the company’s core assets — which include its search, content, mobile and advertising business — and possibly also some real estate, for around $5 billion. A final decision could come in the next few days, meaning possibly as soon as today, Monday, or Tuesday.

How to Boost Your Phishing Detection Skills and Avoid Email Scams

Phishing  scams—the ones that try to get you to  provide private information  by masquerading as a legitimate company—can be easy to uncover with a skeptical eye, but some can easily get you when you let your guard down for just a second. Here's how you can boost your phishing detection skills and protect yourself during those times when you're not at full attention. Want to test your phishing IQ and find out what kind of scams you're most likely to miss?  Take this test .

Trump's favorite bands really don't like Trump

The gaffe-ridden Republican convention came to a triumphant end Thursday night with a flurry of balloons, fireworks and the unmistakable riff of Free's classic "All Right Now." As the party danced the night away and others celebrated the end of the longest nominee acceptance speech in the last four decades, a pinned tweet on Free singer Paul Rodgers' Twitter page made his feelings about the use of the song abundantly clear.

How to Monitor Your Own Credit, For Free!

When retailers like  Target  get hacked and lose million and millions of customers' data, they usually apologize and offer a year or so of credit monitoring services to make amends. With  Neiman Marcus ,  Michaels  and Home Depot  also struggling with data breaches, there's no reason to wait for them to throw you a bone. Here's how you can monitor your own credit, for free, for as long as you want.

Five Steps to Take Immediately If You're the Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft has topped the  list of consumer complaints  filed with the FTC for 13 consecutive years and there's no evidence that this year it won't make the list for the 14th. Just how many victims of identity theft are there each year? While we don't yet have the figures for 2013, a Javeline  report  puts the numbers from 2012 at 12.6 million. This post originally appeared on  Credit Sesame .

What To Do If Your Social Security Number Has Been Stolen in a Hack

Last week, health insurer Anthem lost  over 80 million patient records , including sensitive information like social security numbers, email and physical addresses, and more. The fallout has already started, with Anthem customers  getting bombarded with phishing scams . If you're an Anthem customer—or are just worried about the next hack—here's what you need to do to protect yourself.

WikiLeaks Just Published Tons of Credit Card and Social Security Numbers

WikiLeaks firmly believes in radical transparency, the idea that the world would be better if there were no secrets. That level of transparency can be used for good, like the time the site published a video called “ Collateral Murder ” showing innocent journalists shot to oblivion by US troops in 2010. But not always.

How to Find Out If Your Private Data Was Just Revealed by WikiLeaks

 WikiLeaks  published over 19,000 emails from top U.S. Democratic National Committee members , then  announced it in a tweet . Those emails contained the personal information of many donors, including credit card numbers, social security numbers, and even passport information. Here’s how to see if your personal information was leaked.

Tesla introduces a more affordable Model X

Tesla is doing its part to slash the sticker prices on its vehicles. On Wednesday, the electric-vehicle automaker introduced its Model X 60D, which carries a starting price tag of $64,500 (after incentives), compared to the original Model X’s $80,000 starting price.

Robots Will Soon Take Up Our Jobs.

A recent  Pew report  found that a majority of Americans believe that  most human jobs could be automated by 2065 . With tech giants like  Google and Chrysler collaborating  to produce autonomous passenger vehicles, as well as  new tech firms like Otto  positioning themselves to revolutionize the commercial transportation industry, many are already discussing how we’ll handle history’s first slew of “driverless” experiences.

How to get your photos featured on Apple’s Shot on iPhone billboards

Been near a billboard recently? You’ve probably seen  some magnificent photographs with “Shot on iPhone” plastered underneath . As a photographer, you may have felt a pang of envy; why aren’t  your  photos up there for the world to see? I tracked down Jordan Ison, one of the photographers featured in Apple’s most recent campaign, to find out how his images came to be featured in the world’s biggest art exhibition.

Fire outbreak at a GSM market in Kano state

Many shops have been razed with goods worth millions of Naira destroyed after fire broke out at a section of the popular GSM market in Kano this afternoon.More photos from the scene of the incident after the cut... more details on what really caused the fire is yet to be known.

LOVE!!... 71-year-old woman marries17-year-old teenage boy

A 71-year-old woman, Almeda Errell, got married to 17-year-old teenager, Gary Hardwick, just three weeks after she met him at the funeral of her 49 year old son. After a whirlwind three-week romance, the pensioner and the teenage boy tied the knots in a ceremony he arranged within 6 days for just about $200 in six days. The couple consummated their relationship for the first time on their wedding night.

What to Expect From Swift 3

You probably know that Swift 3 is coming later this year. It is the first release that incorporates the hard work of a fantastic community. Dozens of proposals were submitted since Apple open sourced Swift in 2015 and dozens were accepted after careful consideration by the core team. In this article, we take a look at some of the important changes in Swift 3.

7 Can't-Miss Apps

With Facebook  changing its news feed again  and Google's new feature that lets you  see your entire Google life , you may have missed this week's app news. Each weekend, we round up a few of our favorite new and updated apps. This week's list includes an app that lets you see and share street art, a pet-rating app and a  LEGO Star Wars game. Check out the gallery below to see our top picks. If you're looking for more items to fill up your phone, take a look at our  last roundup  of can't-miss apps.

Apple releases 4 new emoji sticker packs for iOS 10 beta users

Apple recently revealed that its upcoming iOS 10 update holds some good news for emoji lovers: The iPhone's pictograph palette will soon be  more extensive than ever . The Cupertino company gave a clearer picture of what that new emoji-verse will look like this weekend with the release of four new animated sticker packs for those testing the beta version of the operating system.