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6 Best Internet Security Software Solutions For 2018

Internet security is an important issue for all of us. It's easy to be complacent and assume that it'll never happen to you — you're too sensible and secure with

10 best weather stations according to online reviews.

If you're as obsessed with forecasts and weather warnings as we are, then a weather station should be

Why Tesla's Autopilot keeps crashing into parked cars.

Yet another week, another Tesla crashing into a stationary vehicle that just came out of nowhere. But that's the

You can now share locations with friends on Snapchat

When  Snap Maps launched last June , some privacy concerns were raised. But the company had the right idea, turning off

Twitter will now give political candidates a special badge during US midterm elections

Ahead of 2018 U.S. midterm elections,  Twitter   is taking a visible step to combat the spread of misinformation on its famously

'Hurricane Alberto' is the first named storm of the 2018 hurricane season

The National Hurricane Center has named the first storm of the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season, precisely one week before the

The Best Cheap Desktop Computers of 2018

It used to be that desktops in the $500 range were the cheap closeouts of the PC market. Today's low-cost PCs can

It Is The Champions League Final! Predict And Win Yourself a Price!!

Liverpool set to trash Real Madrid in the champions league final billed for tomorrow Saturday 26th May 2018. Time 19:45 WAT. Who Are

National Park Service finally releases climate change report

Surging storm waters are now the modern threat to the South Carolina national monument. Storm-swollen seas can flood the coastal garrison, at times forcing

Jet Li looks UNRECOGNIZABLE After Years Suffering Effects Of Thyroid Condition!

Remember  Jet Li , the action star known for his very physical roles in films like  Lethal Weapon 4,   Romeo Must Die ,  Hero , and  The Forbidden Kingdom ?? Sadly, it appears that

Coca-Cola Freestyle has a new Bluetooth-enabled soda machine.

Coca-Cola is introducing beverages to Bluetooth.  On Friday, the  company announced  its brand new soda machine, the Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100, which will utilize Bluetooth connectivity to

The Meghan Markle's ultimate glow up

This may be hard to believe, but Meghan Markle —Duchess of Sussex and newly-married wife of Prince Harry — was once

How to Use Lens Compression to Create Better Photographic Compositions

If you have noticed, you will see that certain lenses just have a "look" about them? One of the main contributors to this is the

Trump made a video on Yanny vs. Laurel, Airforce divided on the matter.

The  Yanny vs. Laurel  debate took a dark turn when the  U.S. Air Force  thought it would be a good idea to use it in a now-deleted tweet that

Blacklisted cybersecurity firm Kapersky migrates to Switzerland

Cybersecurity company Kapersky Lab found itself blacklisted by U.S. federal agencies after accusations of enabling Russian spies to

Microsoft to release a $400 version of its Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft’s always taken a premium approach to its Surface line, showing users what its operating system can do when run on top of the line hardware. It’s a model that makes

Facebook to have its own cryptocurrency.

Hoping to invest in the next Bitcoin? Keep an eye on Facebook. According to a  Cheddar report , the company is

Save 30% and $50 on Dell's New XPS Tower PC

If you want a desktop with performance, versatility, and the ability to upgrade, then consider picking up Dell's sleek XPS Tower. For a limited time, Dell is selling

How to Create an Instagram Story Template with Photoshop in 60 Seconds

Wanna drive more traffic to your profile with an Instagram template?  Then make sure you s tart with

Uber unveils it's new flying taxi, the sky king.

Whenever you see people  with their eyes tilted upward and their hands waving in the air,  flying taxis  could be a traffic catholicon, leveraging the

Facebook bans all foreign ads related to Ireland's abortion referendum

Facebook isn't going to let the clusterfuck of the 2016 U.S. election  debacle  happen again. Starting Tuesday, the

8 Huge Announcements From Google I/O 2018

Google     kicked off its annual I/O developer conference at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California. Here are some of the biggest

Breaking news....! Fresh outbreak of Ebola virus kills 17 people in northern Congo.

Congo’s  health ministry on Tuesday described the fresh outbreak as a “public health emergency with international impact. Twenty-one cases of

3D Printing Is Really Revolutionizing The Housing Sector.

If  you 3D-print it, they will come faster, cheaper and more sustainably than when you build it.

7 Most gruesome ways to die, according to scientists

Scientists have worked out what would happen to a human body when exposed to a series of grisly scenarios. These include

How to Create Hands Holding a Plant in Adobe Illustrator From Start To Finish

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the  Mesh Tool  in Adobe Illustrator   to create a pair of photo-realistic vector hands holding a plant!

This new version of the Air Selfie drone features an upgraded camera, improved flight time, and an increased field of vision of up to 85 degrees

The folks behind the AirSelfie introduced the  AirSelfie 2 , a strikingly better, more superior follow-up model to the miniature drone.

A Car Wash Worker Ran Over An Elderly Couple Continously In Fatal Brooklyn Incident [video]

A Brooklyn woman  died after being repeatedly struck  by a car wash employee driving an SUV on Tuesday afternoon.  A witness said , "It was like the