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What to expect at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference.

What exactly do you tell an audience of thousands of developers when your company's overly lenient developer policies inadvertently caused

Check out the new Gmail with self-destructing messages, email snoozing and more secure

Today,  Google   is launching the biggest revamp of Gmail in years,  adding a slew of new productivity and

Opera has launched a new mobile browser

Opera  today announced a new mobile browser, Opera Touch, that shows that there’s still plenty of room for a competitor in the

This Group Wants The British Monarchy Abolished. Find out why

As the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approaches, you're bound to see lots of positive, feel-good stories about the royals popping up on your feed. You may like these stories, but

Amazon now delivers packages to the trunk of private cars

Amazon is taking its relationship with its customers to the next level. On Tuesday, Amazon announced that it is extending its  Amazon Key  delivery service from

A 12-year-old boy uses family's credit card and flew to Bali alone

A 12-year-old Australian boy really ticked off his parents by using the family credit card to buy flights to Bali, Indonesia, after he

$50 off on this Massaging pillow.

If you go to a high-end spa, you might end up paying several hundred dollars — and that doesn't even include a tip. Everyone deserves a massage now and then, but

Meet 'Daisy' the new iPhone-recycling robot.

Recycling iPhones is a messy business. The handsets are  notoriously difficult  to take apart, which means

Grab this new frozen Coca-Cola pouches and beat the heat

Japan seems to be the place to be if you want wild Coca-Cola variations. Not the content that requires putting

Save $100 on this award-winning earbuds

The whole of humanity seems to have adopted wireless earbuds. If you're looking to get onboard without splurging on AirPods, the

The very first day I kissed my wife (watch video).

Until you watch the video, you

19 Amazing And Most Expensive Ocean Cruise Tours 2018.

The Royal Cruising Society has thousands of members that take cruising very seriously. They have a six-star system for rating cruises and currently, only

Mark Zuckerberg made one rookie mistake in today's senate hearing.

Facebook’s    Mark Zuckerberg   pulled off a  smooth appearance  in a joint Senate hearing today, dodging most questions while

‘Your user agreement sucks’ Sen. Kennedy tells Mark Zuckerberg

As Mark Zuckerberg’s  Facebook  testimony stretches on, a rough exchange with Senator John Neely Kennedy of Louisiana produced some

Mark Zuckerberg officially shot down the conspiracy theory.

Facebook   CEO Mark Zuckerberg officially shot down the conspiracy theory that the social network has some

Don't Miss This : How to Create a Poster Using the Liquify Tool in Photoshop.

For this tutorial, we will design a poster using the Liquify Tool on a traditional object  in Adobe Photoshop to give

''Garden'' is a new app that helps you stay in touch with friends and family without Facebook

Facebook has become the de facto way people today keep up with their friends and family and, at times, their wider network of professional acquaintances and colleagues. But

See The Best Website Monitoring Services of 2018.

Product LogicMonitor AppDynamics New Relic Browser SmartBear AlertSite Dynatrace UEM Riverbed SteelCentral AppInternals SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor Pingdom Ghostery MCM Geckoboard Lowest Price Editors' Rating                     Good For Enterprises Enterprises Midsize to Large Enterprises Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) Enterprises Midsize to Large Enterprises Midsize Businesses Enterprises or SMBs Enterprises or SMBs Small Businesses Backend Monitoring (Database/Server) Browser Monitoring Built-In Real User Monitoring (RUM) Built-In Synthetic Monitoring Business Transaction Analytics Competitive Benchmarks Custom Dashboard Configurations Includes APM Functionality Mobile Monitoring Offers Business App for Android Offers Business App for iOS On-Premises Deployment Phone Alerts Real-Time Alerting Reporting Tied Directly to Business Outcome Root Cause Error Analysis Text Alerts Third-Party Website Tag Tracking User Exper