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10 Countries With The Worst Education System

In many parts of the World, children are unable to receive a great learning experience due to a number of factors, such as
war and poverty. Using an international point of view, here is a look at the leading countries who have poor educational systems.  
The list contains countries with the lowest standards of education.

The content on is for informational purposes only. We are not experts, nor do we claim to be. Many of these articles are opinion based articles and should be taken as such. We will not be held liable for decisions users make based off the content on Please do your research before accepting any information as fact. 

Burkina Faso

The United Nations notes that many children only stay in school until the 6th or 7th grade. Burkina Faso has a high teacher to student ratio, and less than 50% of adults are literate. Thanks to the support of the government, Burkina Faso has started to address some of these issues.

Central African Republic

The government has not committed a lot of resources to the educational system, which has lead to schools being closed, students lacking their basic materials such as books, and teachers not receiving their wages. Attendance rates are very low.

Sierra Leone

While every child starts off in school, more than half of them eventually drop out before long. The average child in Sierra Leone spends just 3 years in school. Due to the high number of dropouts, Sierra Leone has a high illiteracy rate.


The conflict in Burma has resulted in an efficient system. The high poverty rate has made it difficult for children to even enroll in school. The budget cuts administered by the government have caused the enrollment costs that parents pay to rise substantially. Burma has restricted access to schooling to many ethnic minority groups in the country. Many children drop out before reaching the 5th grade.


There is a high probability that a student in school is being trained by a teacher who isn’t even certified. Mali has taken steps in recent years to address its high student to teacher ratio. Primary school enrollment continues to rise as well.


The refugee crisis in Chad has left the country with a lack of resources to address the educational system. Almost half of the students drop out before the 4th grade. Schools in Chad have a high student to teacher ratio and a lack of properly trained instructors.


Children in Niger rarely stay in school past two years, and the country is also known for its extremely high illiteracy rate. For those children who managed to stay enrolled, the high cost of school supplies and materials contributes to the high poverty numbers.


Guinea is known for charging expensive school fees. Due to the income inequality in Guinea, more than a fraction of children who are enrolled in school eventually drop out.


On average, children from this East African nation only stay in school for four or five years. Schools have been negatively impacted by textbook and teacher shortages.


The average student drops out of school before they turn 10 years old. Eritrea has also dealt with a teacher shortage in recent years.


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