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You Can Save Money By Studying Abroad

You Can Save Money By Studying Abroad <!-- bakkacima_ads_AdSense1_1x1_as We all want that “finding myself through travel” experience in college, but going to school abroad seems like an impossible, expensive dream. Surprisingly, it’s actually cheaper in some cases, thanks to  rising tuition costs in the States . But don’t hop on a plane just yet. There are a number of variables to consider. On his website  Take Risks Be Happy , writer Alex Webb  explains his own college abroad experience : “When I applied to university, I faced a dilemma. The schools I wanted to go to were unaffordable, and the schools I could afford to go to were boring, nearby state schools. I didn’t want to spend the next 4 years of my life 30 minutes from my home. I wanted to get out and see the world. Those goals seemed incompatible—but they weren’t. After ruling out expensive private or out-of-state schools, I looked abroad. I ended up going to the University of Hong Kong, where

Hot Milk Bath Will Get Rid Of That Red Wine Stain

Wine stains suck, especially when it’s red wine on your brand new white shirt. There are  lots of ways to banish such stains , but think about pouring yourself some milk next time it happens to you. I found this tip, courtesy of Christophe Jasmin, owner and manager of  Thazard , while reading about some  other great wine stain removal tips at Wine Folly . Here’s what  Jasmin recommends :

The leaked DJI Spark just like the Mavic Pro

DJI appears to be about to launch a drone even smaller than the Mavic Pro. Supposedly called the Spark, pics of the little drone has been popping up on several sites though DJI has yet to officially announce it. First, the Spark is smaller than the Mavic Pro when the Mavic’s prop arms are extended. The Spark appears to have fixed arms and brushless motors similar to the Mavic’s just slightly smaller. The bottom of the drone seems to have downward-facing sensors, likely to assist in positioning. There’s also a panel on the front above the camera that could hide additional sensors so the Spark might have the ability to avoid obstacles.

This is SkyX drones, half-helicopter, half-plane and built to fly long distances

A Markham, Ontario startup called  SkyX Ltd.  emerged from stealth today to share with TechCrunch details about its unique industrial drone designs. The company’s SkyOne drones take off and land like a helicopter, but fly more like an airplane, with a range of more than 25 miles (40 km) per charge. For drone industry nerds, this means they have both VTOL and fixed-wing elements.