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Mysteriously, People Keep Disappearing From these 15 places.

There have been places in the world where people have  vanished without a trace, never to

Will Smith vs Sophia the robot (video)

Budding YouTuber Will Smith isn't afraid to churn out some weird content on his channel, including an attempt at

2018 Lincoln Navigator : Out of This World! [Reviewed by tech crunch].

Michigan    saw a historic amount of snowfall in 2018. And it’s not done. It’s snowing as I write this and it snowed nearly every day since I took delivery of this

Volkswagen wowed the crowd as they unveil the ''Atlas Tanoak pickup truck'' at the New York Auto Show

The German automaker known for its compact passenger cars unveiled the Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept on Wednesday, in one of the biggest

Top 12 Most Educated Countries In The World.

The  World Economic Forum  issues its Global Competitiveness Report every year to provide a well-researched set of rankings of all of the countries of the world. The annual international study provides holistic scores for each nation based on a host of factors related to education. These include, among others, educational attainment among the population, availability and access to schools, quality of schools, costs, and diversity. There are four thematic dimensions by which each nation is ranked. Capacity  measures to what extent a nation’s overall population has received varying levels of educational experiences. Deployment  calculates the degree to which skills are accumulated and applied among the population. Development  reports how much the education of a country’s population adapts and improves as the economy evolves. Know-how  measures how wide and deep a nation’s overall set of skills is. The holistic scores calculated based on these thematic dimensions provides a

“You are the right person to testify before Congress'', House and Senate tells Zuckerberg.

Facebook   CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been rather scarce lately, despite a host of woes besetting his company — but Wednesday he

This is what happened to the chain-smoking 2-year-old Aldi Rizal. Remembered him?

In 2010, a story that came out of Indonesia caught the attention of the rest of the world. At only 2 years old, Aldi Rizal went

It's now official : President Donald Trump's tweets banning transgender people from serving in the military have become policy.

That's right. It doesn't matter if the ink's dry and the policy's been filed in the Federal Register. Four federal judges have already temporarily

With the new approved security standard, the web will be a little safer.

 The Internet Engineers Task Force has just unanimously approved a security framework that will

Wait for it : Apple could be announcing a new cheap iPad.

According to a new report from  Bloomberg ,  Apple   could be unveiling a new version of its

Biggest names in music, movies and social media are plotting Instagram takeover to support #MarchForOurLives for gun control.

Some of the biggest names in music, movies and social media are plotting an  Instagram   takeover in support of Saturday’s # MarchForOurLives . At noon Pacific today, celebrities including

Questions Zuckerberg needs to answer urgently.

This could be the beginning of a much bigger Cambridge Analytica scandal for Facebook? The answer rides on how

Bitcoin to become the world’s sole currency within 10 years says twitter CEO.

We knew  Jack Dorsey   was bullish on bitcoin, but some new quotes reveal that he’s

WhatsApp founder also wants Facebook deleted.

Brian Acton,   the co-founder of messaging service  WhatsApp  (which Facebook bought in 2014 for $19 billion), is now joining the

Facebook suspends the account of the whistleblower who exposed Cambridge Analytica

In the latest turn of the developing scandal  around how  Facebook’s   user data wound up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica — for use in the development in psychographic profiles that may or

Design and build your own furniture by yourself with ''Aalo''.

Aalo , part of the Y Combinator Winter 2018 class, is trying to fix both sides of that equation. They want you to design and build your own furniture… and when you’re done with it, turn it into

Black Panther Just Buried Tomb Raider And Crossed The $600 Million Mark!

Black Panther  continued dominating the box office again this weekend, landing once again in the

How awesome it feels using the Owl car security camera

When you get a new car,  and you’re feeling like a star , the first thing you’re probably going to do is  ghost ride it.  This is where the Owl camera can come in.

Is This Issue Bigger Than YouTube?

YouTube Kids is still showing inappropriate videos to children And is once again facing

IBM creates a computer smaller than a grain of salt

March 19 is the first day of  IBM Think 2018 , the company's flagship conference, where the company will unveil what it claims is the world's

Trump-linked data firm ''Cambridge Analytica'' banned from Facebook.

A data analytics firm linked to both Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Brexit referendum has

Teenager mauled to death by a hungry lion.

A lion in a private zoo pounced on a teenage zoo worker and

This couple committed suicide in Bangladesh after they were denied marrying each other.

The bodies of this couple was found hanging from a

Google to launch playable in-game ads.

Maybe you’ve seen this kind of ad in a game you have played: your character dies and then the game asks you to

This multipurpose power bank is on sale for just $27.

Between your phone, tablet, wireless headphones, and heck  even your portable fan , there is no shortage of devices that you need to keep charged. That's where a power bank can come in handy, and this  iClever Power Bank  that's on sale for $27.74 could be your saving grace. This  power bank  includes two micro USB ports and a lightning cable port for a wide range of charging capabilities. In emergencies, it even functions as a torchlight in case you need it in the dark. The  iClever Power Bank  is listed at $80 on Amazon, but you can get one for only $27.74 — a 65% savings.

Google removed 3.2Billion bad ads, blocked 320K publishers, 90K sites, and 700K mobile apps in 2017.

As the world’s largest search engine and a digital advertising behemoth,  Google  has a lot to answer for

The Genius, Stephen Hawking dies at 76

Stephen Hawking,   whose work advanced the state of physics as much as the popular understanding of it, has died at

Men at work! Building a house with a funny approach.

I can't explain why they adopted this pattern or

Messaging app ''WeChat'' banned in Australia .

Last month, U.S. intelligence agencies weren't so into the idea of people using Chinese phones. The heads of the CIA, FBI and NSA told a

iPhone wireless phone charging side effect

Wireless cellphone  charging  on the iPhone X and 8 sounded too good to be true. We knew there had to be a catch.  And here it is, as

Inner Workings of Samsung Galaxy S9+ Exposed!

Samsung's new pair of flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+, feel more like

Referee kills player in a football match

A referee is facing murder charges after football players allegedly forced him to

Predict And Win! On Whose Side Are You, Manchester United Or Liverpool?

With most of Manchester United players injured, Liverpool will

Is Barack Obama considering acting? In talks with Netflix about original shows.

Recent White House tenant Barack Obama is about to take a unique step, however, with reports suggesting that

Bitcoin plunges after SEC seeks to rein in cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been on a wild ride and the Securities and Exchange Commission is trying

Wonders shall never end: Little School Boy Trapped In A Tree Cleft While Playing (Photo)

A Facebook user identified as Andrew Mwansa, has taken to the social networking platform to share the shocking photo of a school boy who

For the first time ever, Coca-Cola is releasing an alcoholic content.

Coca-Cola's Japanese arm has seemingly caught on to that fact, with the news it'll look to release an alcoholic drink for

How to steal enough meats in events. (Watch video)

You will be shocked to see what some women do in occasions.

Could it be a sign? Drone crashes and ruins couple's marriage proposal (video)

This drone marriage proposal didn't go as planned. 

''Toni Iwobi'' elected as first black senator in Italy

Toni Iwobi,  a Nigerian IT entrepreneur who has spent 38 years in Italy, has been elected as

Real Madrid star issues huge ultimatum ahead of PSG clash as Chelsea ready £89m bid

Chelsea are reportedly ready to pounce for £89m-rated

Apple’s over-the-ear headphones to feature noise-canceling capabilities.

Last week, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo  reported  that Apple has been working on over-the-ear headphones in addition to new AirPods. Today, Bloomberg  confirms   this information and adds that

Uber facing a $13.5 million lawsuit over data breach

Uber is facing another  lawsuit  over the massive 2016 data breach. This time, it’s from

OSCAR AWARD STOLEN! Man arrested for stealing an Oscar award belonging to Frances McDormand

A man has been arrested and booked on felony grand theft after allegedly stealing  Frances McDormand 's  Oscar  after the Academy Awards on Sunday night. According to  TMZ , the  Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  star noticed

The Best And Worst Moments Of 2018 ''OSCARS AWARDS''.

The 2018 Oscars had their distinct highs and lows like any year. As usual, we could cut some bloated bits, but

Viewer's discretion: How to smuggle drugs into the prison.

The video shows a black American woman from Las Vegas describing how to smuggle crystal methamphetamine into

The Full List Of OSCARS Awards 2018.

The 90th Academy Awards was held at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles. United States with Jimmy Kimmel as the host. From  Frances McDormand's  rousing speech to

Out of this world! One-handed NFL Football Prodigy Bench Presses 225 Pounds 20 Times

Shaquem Griffin  is a football player from the  University of Central Florida  who is hoping to

Unbelievable couple born on the same year,day and time... Died at the same day.

The tragic end to a young Thai couple’s romance threw the Thai internet into a

Pochettino promises to resign

The Tottenham boss insisted he would not overstay his welcome with the club if the fans wanted him gone.He says that his most preferable club to manage in the future are

Zidane mocks Psg over Neymar injury

The Brazilian will miss the encounter against the Spanish giants, after sustaining a fractured