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This New Phone Is Basically Just a Slab of Glass

OPPO ''WATERFALLS'' All tech companies are trying to get us to a point where the phone itself is just a window into Instagram, YouTube or Fortnite. And now a Chinese company called

Kids can now bypass Facebook Messenger safety rule due to Technical error in the app..

The app mistakenly allowed "thousands" of children to exchange messages with people who had not been approved by their parents, contrary to the app's rules, according to  a report  by The Verge.

See The Full List of The World's Most Admired persons 2019

The  YouGov poll , which aims to determine the world’s most admired people, were compiled with the help of 42,000 people in 41 countries around the world.

FACE APP finally isn't that great at painting people of color

For the fact that we're  always ready to   hand over our photos   for the sake of a trend, the internet's current obsession is an   AI portrait generator   that deconstructs your selfies and rebuilds them as Renaissance and Baroque portraits.  Created by