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Successfully Replace a Laptop With an iPad With These Benefits In Mind

Tablets have revolutionised the way we work, and Apple’s iPad Pro is now more powerful than many entry-level laptops, not to mention far more intuitive to use. In this tutorial, I'll explain the

Bitcoin's self-proclaimed creator in $10 billion lawsuit (fraud).

If you're going to defraud someone out of several hundred thousand  bitcoin , maybe don't also draw undue attention to yourself by

Company offers 'job' to thieves who robbed them.

A New Zealand business called Smith Crane & Construction  put up a Facebook post  on Tuesday to find the people who stole their tools on

The Netflix original horror movie you haven't heard of — and you need to watch

Netflix original is really making waves 

Samsung comes out top at the Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress , the year's largest mobile show, played out a little differently compared to previous ones. Samsung  returned in full force to announce its

Bill Gates lashes out on hyperloop and cryptocurrencies in AMA

Bill Gates isn't a fan of tech's popular buzzwords: cryptocurrency and hyperloop. The Microsoft co-founder hosted his

Become a designer today with lifetime access to 200 online courses for less than $20

There's something really appealing about a career in design. You can square that part of your brain that loves art and making things look pretty with the part of your brain that worries about

Customizable shoe, change from dress shoes to sneakers

Quickly change from dress shoes to sneakers with this modular footwear. Shooz  are fully customizable footwear. The soul and skin can be mixed and matched to  create a different type of show for any environment.

''Ensa'', Bill Cosby's Daughter Dies At The Age Of 44

Bill Cosby 's daughter  Ensa Cosby  has died at the age of 44. According to reports, the disgraced

Apple's iTunes Store will no longer work on old devices, starting from May

The first-generation  Apple TV  was released more than 11 years ago and starting this May, Apple's iTunes Store will

How to Draw Heart-Shaped Daisies in Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the  Mesh Tool  and  Warp Effects  in Adobe Illustrator to create a beautiful pair of heart-shaped daisies! 1.  How to Create a Gradient Mesh Background With Transparent Hearts Step 1

BMW to turn your smartphone into your car key, check it out

Just like CES has seen an influx of car manufacturers in recent years, MWC, too, is now a showcase for new in-car technology. Like in  previous years ,  BMW  once again set up shop in Barcelona this week to

Just the second weekend in theaters, ''Black Panther'' picks up $108 million

Just as strong as ever in its second weekend,  Black Panther  keeps on rolling!!! 2 In its sophomore outing in theaters this weekend, the  Ryan Coogler -directed superhero flick took home an

The Nokia Matrix Phone is back : watch the video

When you have a history as long as Nokia, there's a lot of cool stuff too revive — and HMD Global, the current owner of the Nokia brand, is

The prices of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the U.S. in different brands: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

Pre-orders for Samsung's  Galaxy S9 and S9+ start on March 2 and the phone launches worldwide on a week later on March 12. But how much is it going to cost you to get one in the U.S.?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 arrives March 16 for $720, with real-time translation, AR emojis, and a sharp camera

Samsung didn’t leave too much up to the imagination at Mobile World Congress this year. The hardware giant took a

Get this HyperDrive USB that can charge almost all your devices for just $44.99

Not only have USB Outlets become just as important — if not,  more —  than a traditional wall socket, you can find 'em practically everywhere: On your

Nike launches its lightest and softest running shoe ''Epic React''

It was late January, and Nike had invited a handful of writers, bloggers, and influencers to a warehouse in Lower Manhattan to witness the debut of the company's new flagship running

What kind of creature is this?

I am still in shock over the existence of this creature.  No shape, no head or eyes, no legs, yet can move. Please do leave a comment if you have a name for this creature.

You can drop off your bags anywhere with ''MyBagCheck''

MyBagCheck  is a clever system that ensures that you’ll be able to spend that extra few hours in a foreign city without having to lug around fifty pounds of Samsonite. The founder,

Why women invest less than men

from  the gender wage gap  to gender bias in the workplace, people are discussing the issues like never before, and it’s about time. But one iteration of gender equality hasn’t received the

Apple's HomePods are so powerful that they can leave marks on wood surfaces (photos)

Now that the HomePod is out in the wild,  reports have started trickling in  from users complaining about the $349 smart speaker’s unfortunate side effect on

Breaking! Fergie breaks out from Black Eyed Peas!

First the  national anthem , and now THIS?? 1 In an interview with the  Daily Star published on Sunday,  says  Fergie  will

Check out the first cities to get AT&T's mobile 5G

Internet speeds are about to get way faster in many U.S. cities. AT&T  announced on Wednesday the

SpaceX just launched a Falcon 9 carrying its first internet demo satellites, watch video

SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 with client Hisdesat’s PAZ satellite on board today, provided weather remains favorable and

Predict And Win! It Is The champions League

Exclusive to Nigeria only. Which team are you rooting for to win the night?  Drop you predictions on the comment box and win yourself a recharge card of your choice network. 

Volkswagen to begin production of electric cars from November 2019

Volkswagen has been showing off its I.D. line of concept electric vehicles for a couple of years now, but

Wyze security camera v2 gets a sequel with improved intelligence and Amazon Echo support at $20

The team behind WyzeCam is full of surprises. First they introduced  a $20 plug and play security camera  in October last year, and now they’re

Donald Trump Has Been Ranked Among The Worst Ever US Presidents

Donald Trump  has finally  found something he's good at … being the worst! According to a new survey conducted by

Volcano in Indonesia leaves thousands homeless

Mount Sinabung in Indonesia has been erupting for about the past five years now, displacing tens of thousands as it sends

How to Draw a Tiger, For Beginners

Big cats are my favorite subject to draw. They're elegant and powerful, and their body has a simple, yet beautiful rhythm. Today, I'd like to show you

Black Panther' has the best Marvel supervillain ever. Check out reasons

Black Panther  just pulled off a Marvel Cinematic Universe first: A supervillain worth rooting for.  Sure, other MCU baddies have

This Chrome extension just undid Google's image search changes from last week.

A few days ago, Google  removed a feature  that many people find quite usable: the ability to easily view — and download — an image found

Florida School Shooting Survivor Challenges Trump To Face-To-Face Conversation About Gun Control!

Florida high school students who went through the tragedy of  17 of their classmates and teachers being killed  in a shooting on Valentine's Day are speaking up — and

Google has now made it harder for you to steal photos from Google Images

Google's just made a rather subtle change to its image search — but one that will have big repercussions for copyright. Announced on Thursday on

Snowboarder At the Olympics Breaks His Neck In Fall

Olympic  snowboarders take their lives in their hands every time they launch 15 feet into the air, but it's

Woman uses her dead son's sperm to get herself a set of twins

A grieving Indian woman's dream to have children by her dead son has been fulfilled as she's handed twin babies created from his semen. Rajashree Patil, 49, lost

Is Adam Rippon really an immortal witch?

"I'm like a witch and you can't kill me."That's an actual quote from U.S. Winter Olympian and immortal sorcerer Adam Rippon. It made its

Lionel Messi relaxes with his human-sized dog at home, see Photos

Barcelona and Argentine superstar, Lionel Messi, shared these three snaps of himself cuddling up

Can you beat that? A pilot drew a massive heart in the sky using flight radar

one cheeky pilot decided to have a bit of fun by drawing a giant love heart in the sky. The Virgin Atlantic pilot—who

Chrome launches its own ad blocker, here's how it works (video included)

Starting tomorrow, Feb. 15, Google's web browser Chrome will start automatically blocking overly intrusive ads, which might mark a huge

10 Lowest Paying College Degrees & Careers You Need To Avoid

The following list of college degrees are ranked from the tenth lowest paying, all the way to the number one worst starting

The heart of a kid.....Why on earth would she do that?

She doesn't want to miss this puppy one bit. So she decided to smuggle it to school. But when I rolled on the floor laughing was when the dog was taken from her and she tries to carry her bag and for school.

Logan Paul hasn’t done anything to be kicked off of YouTube, claims chief executive Susan Wojcicki

Despite  the controversy surrounding YouTube celebrity Logan Paul  (thanks to a string of videos  exploiting an apparent suicide  and tasering a rat), the young media personality hasn’t

Apple Music to expand student memberships to 82 new markets

Apple Music is expanding its subscription music service to 82 new markets — or nearly all of the countries where the service is available, according to people

Coincheck users are suing the hacked cryptocurrency exchange to get their money back

The fallout from the year’s  biggest cryptocurrency hack  to date continues. On Monday,  Reuters  reported that 10 traders who used the Tokyo-based exchange

Youtube red to expand its subscription service to 100 countries

YouTube Red  will expand its subscription service to as many as 100 countries, according to YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki . Speaking at Recode’s Code Media conference in

$5 million prize has been awarded to Africa's first female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, for excellence in leadership

Former Liberian president  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  has been awarded a $5 million prize for excellence in African leadership.   Sirleaf, who served two

Facebook to create a news section in ''Watch'' to feature breaking news

Facebook  is going to create a new news section in its video streaming platform Facebook Watch to feature breaking news stories.

Alibaba signs a major licensing deal to show Disney’s animated series in China

Alibaba Group’s entertainment unit has signed a major licensing deal to show many of Disney’s animated series and movies on  Youku , its streaming video service, and other platforms it selects. The agreement covers

How to Create a Dynamic Icon Library With Sketch

Today we’re going to create a dynamic icon library in Sketch. This could be a pretty complicated process, but we’re going to save ourself a lot of time and stress by using a plugin called  Sketch Icons . Let’s dive in!

How to Make a Mindmap on PowerPoint in 60 Seconds

Mind maps are a tool that can really help you organize your thoughts when you're developing an idea. And they're easy enough to create in Microsoft PowerPoint.

This keyless luggage lock is the future, on sale with 31%off

Travel locks are more popular than ever, but not all locks work well. In fact, many can be cut easily and there's always the possibility you'll lose the key.