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FIFA Announces New Loan Restrictions From July 2020

FIFA has announced its proposed restrictions on international loan transfers will come into effect in July 2020, pending approval from the FIFA Council.

The Dangers of Predicting the Market By Timothy Sykes

Think predicting the market is easy?  Think again. Recently, the market hit all-time highs. A lot of people ask me,  “where does it go from here?”  I don’t know. I never know.  Nobody  does. I don’t try to predict anything. It’s too dangerous. So if your strategy is banking on what you think will happen, you need to shift your trading mindset. I get it. It’s human nature to want to predict the future. You want to prepare for what’s coming. But predicting isn’t preparing…

The New Samsung Galaxy foldable: Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip in Pictures

When you watch YouTube with the phone partially folded, the video plays on the upper half and you can browse comments on the lower  Likewise, the Z Flip's camera will position the frame in the upper half, and the camera controls in the lower half, when it's folded.  You can just barely make out a crease The Z Flip uses a unique "hideaway" hinge system that Samsung says will make the phone more resistant to dust and dirt particles. And, unlike the Razr, there's no gap between the hinge and the display. It also doesn't make any noise when you open and close it. Samsun's new Z Flip is beautiful... until it gets covered in fingerprints. Look at all those nasty fingerprints The Z Flip is available in three colors: mirror black, mirror purple, and mirror gold. And Samsung isn't exaggerating with the "mirror" moniker here. These phones are not only reflective as hell, but are also absolute fingerprint ma

Rapper Sentenced To 99 Years In Prison

The question here is, why this? A Chicago rapper who hired a hit man to murder his own mum so that he can have access to her bank accounts and life insurance, has been sentenced to 99 years in prison.